3 Differences: Do you have an Estate Plan or a Legacy Plan?

Do these two terms mean something different? We happen to think that an Estate Plan might not have nearly the same intergenerational impact as a Legacy Plan that is fully realized. Read more below on what we see as the differences between the two. Whatever you call your plan, we hope it is prepared to serve your family’s best interest and give you peace of mind.

Begin with the End in Mind

As part of an ongoing series, we are sharing Jesse Martyn’s recent whitepaper called Begin with the End in Mind. It is a technical paper that aims to have a look at a selection of products offered in the Canadian life insurance marketplace.

Connecting & Reconnecting

How can we make the space for big conversations like legacy planning? This could be a good time to start the process of thinking about what it is you may want to communicate about your legacy wishes and what input you may want to have from those you love. How ready do you feel? This can’t be accomplished without the proper forethought & planning via a spontaneous phone call.

7 Predictors to Avoid a Family Cacophony

Family harmony and sibling collaboration does not happen without conviction, communication, courage and most importantly an acceptance of both shared family values and valuables. Strong continuity and the realization of familiness is hard work. Avoiding conversations around collective values, capabilities and shared goals will only create the family cacophony you fear.

Planning for Resilience

Each year we don’t put aside for that rainy day or pay that insurance premium, we’re better off in the short term. But given long enough, the highly improbable becomes inevitable. At its heart, this planning is about narrowing the range of possible outcomes.

Assurance for Uncertain Times

In these challenging times, we have been fielding some questions and concerns from clients with concerns around making their insurance premium payments. Some others have also reached out to ask how the investments in their cash value policies are doing. I’m writing this post to share where things stand now and hopefully provide some options if you are concerned about making payments to continue your coverage.

For singles or people without children, what will your footprint be?

When most people with children are asked about their legacy, they speak about their children and the impact they will have on the world. For people who don’t have children and so without this default, we really enjoy talking through your unique opportunity to have deep discussions about what your values are and who you want to impact.

Estate Planning: 3 Dangers Facing Your Legacy

Congratulations! You have a will and power of attorney. You’re finished with estate planning … or are you? Even beyond the fact that wills and other estate documents need to be reviewed as your circumstances change, they might be missing the mark or falling short of being a true legacy plan. Here are three significant dangers that we help our clients try to avoid.

Happy Holidays

This holiday season in lieu of traditional cards and gifts, we have decided to match charitable donations by our employees. Charitable giving and helping our community are core values to each member of our team. We have contributed to the following organizations: Covenant House Union Gospel Mission The David Suzuki Foundation Rainbow Foundation of Hope […]

Welcome to the new Canada Life

Let’s face it – the financial services industry is complex – even for those of us who work in it. And like most Canadians, the flood of information available to you maybe isn’t making it any easier to feel confident you’re making the right choices for today and tomorrow.  With that said, I’ve got some […]

Insurance for Your Whole Life

Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes and finding the right fit for your life can be daunting to say the least. It can be tempting to simply find the least expensive solution and go with that. But like all products, sometimes the least expensive option can end up costing you more in the […]


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