Can you confidently check all the boxes below?

  •    I’ve communicated my wealth philosophy to my children and know they understand and respect my wishes.
  •    I know without a doubt that my kids will use their inheritance in a way that aligns with our family’s values.
  •    I’m confident my wealth will be transferred from one generation to the next with minimal disruptions.
  •    I know my insurance will take care of all my family’s needs if I get sick or die.
  •    I’m comfortable with the amount of tax that will be paid by my estate instead of being given to my family & community.
  •    My estate is up-to-date:
  • I have a will that takes into account my family’s current structure and covers all of my valuable possessions and monetary wealth.
  • I have a responsible power of attorney.
  • The right people are aware of how to handle the health of my aging parents should I die before them.
  • I’ve chosen a competent, well-informed executor and/or trustee and we’re both aware of exactly what their role

The fact is, these questions are just the beginning of ensuring your estate and legacy plan is going to serve your family’s best interests and give you peace of mind.

Let our Below the Surface framework take the confusion out of planning for the unknown

Below the Surface

find the plan that’s right for you

We have a package for every stage of your estate & legacy planning process.




Easy to understand advice for choosing the right insurance products to take care of your family.

You get guidance on:

  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Disability insurance

Run through actual scenarios to find gaps and deficiencies in your estate plan.

You get guidance on:

  • Determining if your estate would play out like you imagine
  • Creating or updating your will so all your assets are covered
  • Finding and/or preparing your executor
  • Beneficiary set up and review
  • Understanding the impact of tax on your estate

Get complete clarity on your family’s wealth philosophy and ensure it lives on long after you’re gone.

You get the Estate Dress Rehearsal PLUS guidance on: 

  • Documenting your family vision, values, and goals related to wealth in a Family Wealth Philosophy
  • Creating clarity of purpose and wealth optimization
  • Ensuring consistency across all your wealth management strategies (e.g. tax plan, will, financial plan)
  • Developing a decision-making blueprint
  • Transitioning wealth seamlessly from one generation to the next
  • How to avoid delays in estate distribution
  • Communicating the intention behind your allocation of wealth with your family


None to you. Insurance carrier pays a commission, which we can disclose to you.


Flat fee based on complexity


Flat fee based on complexity

  • “A contact of ours whose husband passed away suddenly experienced a delay in payment of the death benefit on her husband’s policy. Even though it wasn’t a policy we sold or serviced, we were able to use our relationship with the insurance company and our knowledge of the family’s situation to help the widow navigate the process and get the claim paid.”
    Malcolm Ert, Evolution Strategies Director
  • “When one of our clients was diagnosed with a critical illness, we were able to secure an early payment of 50% of her death benefit, which she used to take her niece and nephew to Disneyland. She died five months later, and we received a heartwarming letter from her sister, niece, and nephew thanking us for making that trip possible.” - Darrell Ert, Evolution Strategies Founder
    Darrell Ert, Evolution Strategies Founder