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3 Differences: Do you have an Estate Plan or a Legacy Plan?

Do these two terms mean something different? We happen to think that an Estate Plan might not have nearly the same intergenerational impact as a Legacy Plan that is fully realized. Read more below on what we see as the differences between the two. Whatever you call your plan, we hope it is prepared to serve your family’s best interest and give you peace of mind.

Begin with the End in Mind

As part of an ongoing series, we are sharing Jesse Martyn’s recent whitepaper called Begin with the End in Mind. It is a technical paper that aims to have a look at a selection of products offered in the Canadian life insurance marketplace.

Connecting & Reconnecting

How can we make the space for big conversations like legacy planning? This could be a good time to start the process of thinking about what it is you may want to communicate about your legacy wishes and what input you may want to have from those you love. How ready do you feel? This can’t be accomplished without the proper forethought & planning via a spontaneous phone call.

We don’t know it all, but we know people who do.

OK, we admit it. We don’t have ALL the answers. That’s why we’ve made it our business to build lasting relationships with bright, talented people and professional organizations that consistently dazzle us. We’ve come to rely on these associates as trusted partners – and we feel good about recommending them to you.

Thought Leaders

Preferred Insurance Carriers

Canada Life


RBC Insurance

… and many more

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Willing Wisdom

Estate planning is more than just the division of assets, it’s also about important family conversations. A resource created to help assess the health of your estate plan is the Willing Wisdom Index, which takes less than 10 minutes to complete and only you will see your results. It has nothing to do with investments or insurance, but instead, everything to do with your most valuable asset – your family.

To complete the Ultimate Estate Planning Checklist and receive your own personalized  Willing Wisdom Index Report

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