Deidre Smith

Wealth Continuity Advisor

“There is a distinction, in my mind, between simply “doing” business and earning the right to do so.”

Deidre Smith’s diversified financial experience gives her a deep understanding of all elements within the Financial and Estate Planning Continuum, positioning her to help her clients develop strategies to enhance, protect, and transfer their wealth.

Her belief in the power of purposeful communication among family members comes from her grandfather, who, at 95-years-old, explained that “family stories are like the stairwell banister, something for family members to hold on to tightly as we move up and down the stairs of life.” His point: that stories and intentional communication, in general, serve to help family members of all generations to respect and understand their history, uniqueness, and potential.

Deidre encourages her clients to embrace storytelling and purposeful communication so they can experience clarity, peace of mind, and family harmony, giving them the most significant opportunity for a meaningful and impactful intergenerational legacy of wealth and wisdom.

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