Darrell Ert

Founder & Legacy Coach



604.687.3339  |  dert@evolutionstrategies.ca

“It’s important to compliment wealth with values and stewardship to avoid entitled beneficiaries.”

Darrell Ert’s 35+ year career is built on the philosophy that if your only gift to your future generations is money, you’re only creating consumers. If you give money and wisdom, you’re giving them stewardship. If you give them money, wisdom, and love, you leave an impactful legacy.

“It’s like getting a box of LEGO without the instructions. Building the model is left to trial and error.”

That’s why today, he uses his industry and life experience to work closely with families to define their vision, values, and goals for their retirement and eventual family wealth transfer.

Having completed his own values exercise, Darrell runs his life and business with Family, Courage, Integrity, Fun, and Friendships always top of mind. He’s on a mission to help reposition his industry by recognizing the difference between invaluable advice and services and product sales and implementation. His commitment is to provide optimum results for his clients and their stakeholders.

Darrell credits his father, Ernest Edward Ert, for his dedication to helping others and for instilling in him an “if you want it, go get it” work ethic. He’s also grateful to his father for his drive and focus to pursue a lifetime of education.

When he’s not spending time with his family, Darrell can be found singing Broadway and A Cappella. Along with being an avid drummer, traveler, golfer, and tennis player, Darrell is committed to several professional organizations and is an active Board Member.