Build a legacy that goes beyond your wealth

We build you a straightforward, unbiased strategy that incorporates your guiding principles so you can pass along what matters most.

If your estate and legacy plan was in order, we doubt you’d be here. 

But we’re glad you are.

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of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation.


of life insurance policies sold in Canada are paid out upon death.


of adult Canadians don’t have a will in place.

How It Works

You should have peace of mind that your wealth and guiding principles will be passed through many generations to come.

We get you there with unbiased advice that helps you organize all your estate-related plans, communicate your wishes to your family, and develop a strategy that incorporates your vision, values, and beliefs.

Get your estate in order and your plans working together

It’s never too late to get your estate in order, so you and your family are aligned for a smooth transition of wealth. We also review your existing tax plan, will, and financial plan to ensure they’re working together.

Turn your estate plan into a legacy plan

Our holistic, bottom-up approach ensures your vision, values, beliefs, and goals are at the core of your ever-evolving estate and legacy plan, creating greater harmony and prosperity for generations to come.

Build a meaningful, lasting legacy

Staying on top of your goals and priorities leads to an estate and legacy plan that acts as a roadmap for future generations, ensuring they use your wealth wisely and carry forward your positive impact.

How Our Family Has Helped Other Families

  • The team at Evolution Strategies has given us the tools to plan and execute what is critical to our values and vision, including ways to speak to our children about the future. Working with them gives us knowledge and power in the emotionally charged area of legacy planning and transfer of wealth.”

  • “It can be difficult to discuss money, particularly in a family setting. Evolution Strategies has guided us in a multi-generational discussion of how we view money and its uses to arrive at a set of shared principles. They’ve also helped us with a plan to reach our goals. Their approach is holistic in that it incorporates both a discussion of values and the practical aspects of legacy planning.” 

  • “Their understanding and experience informed me of my current and future financial picture, that I wasn’t fully aware of. After working with Evolution Strategies, I had a more thorough understanding of what options were available to me.”

  • “Darrell has taught us how to have conversations that give us a better understanding of our family values, responsibilities, and the future. In a short period, we’ve taken concrete steps to plan our intergenerational wealth transfer as well as share our thoughts on giving back to our communities.” 

  • “Darrell’s skills are venerable and unquestioned. However, it is the long-lasting relationships he builds with his clients and his commitment to unfettered professionalism that set him apart and create a standard for advising we can all learn from and aspire to.”

    RUTH E. STEVERLYNCK, Principal & Founder, Your Family Enterprise Advisors Inc.

This isn’t your typical estate planning conversation.
It’s more impactful, insightful and honest.

Our Below the Surface approach to legacy and estate planning goes beyond the documents prepared by your accountant, financial advisor, financial planner, or lawyer.

We go deep into your vision for the future, working with you below the waterline to bring your values and beliefs to the forefront. This isn’t a superficial exploration. Our powerful process allows you to:

  • Define a family wealth philosophy that creates a framework to make informed financial decisions
  • Clearly communicate what matters to you with the people who will be most affected by your legacy and estate plan
  • Align and optimize your strategies across all your advisors
  • Prepare your family, executor, and other stakeholders for wealth transition
  • Eliminate needless stress for your family after your gone, perhaps even while you’re still here!
Below the Surface

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